Sunday, November 12, 2006

Viperworks Leather Goods

One of the most gifted folks in our area is the accomplished
owner of Viper Leatherworks who hand crafts leather toys, collars, restraints, and a host of accessories like this 8 foot bullwhip.
His home page is filled with the most exquiste leather goods available in the USA, all custom made to order.
Orders should be made far in advance, as each item takes up to 6 weeks to create, and he is now reaching backorder for the holidays.

Custom colors are often possible, and matched sets of 2-6 items are available.

Each item is custom made using the most durable quality materials and taking the time to ensure perfection. 24 plait items of up to 10 feet long are available from this master craftsman.

Deposits are required for most orders and all inquries can be made through his email at:


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